SIDC scientists organize the 20th SOHO conference:
Transient Events on the Sun and in the Heliosphere
Nederlandstalige versie posted: May 15, 2007

SOHO is since 1995 a true succes story. The satellite celebrated one full solar cycle of observations, and enriched our knowledge with new discoveries. Among them a large variety of transients have been identified. It is now time to review and discuss them. The conference is well known in the international solar and space physics community.

Gent will be the scenery where scientists discuss the victories of SOHO and the future Sun viewing and monitoring with the new generation of satellites.

The four sessions will handle the following subjects:
  1. Transients and dynamics in the lower solar atmosphere
  2. CME’s: Why and how do they erupt?
  3. Heliospheric transients
  4. The future
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