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CAII-K (calcium) Telescope

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CAII-K Telescope
Manufacturer Williams Optics
FLT 132, air-spaced apochromatic triplet lens
D 132mm
F/D 7
Diameter of solar image 8.601mm
Energy rejection filter (near focus): Hutech IDAS UV/IR blocking filter
Telecentric Barlow lens, Custom design: F.Clette Manufacturer: Molenaar Optics, 4 lenses in 2 groups, optimized for near UV.
Focal length: -159mm & 445mm
Magnification 2.8
Diameter of solar image
Monochromator Custom Design USET Team
Type Interference filter, Barr Associates Inc.
Nominal Wavelength 393.37 nm (line width = 1.3nm)
Filter bandpass 0.27nm +/- 0.05 nm
Nominal temperature 23°C
Focal reducer/corrector Custom design: F.Clette Maanufacturer: Molenaar Optics, air-spaced doublet lens optimized for near UV.
F 255mm
Magnification 0.61
Diameter of solar image 14.708mm
CCD camera QImaging Retiga 4000R
Detector Kodak KAI-4021, inter-line transfer
Detector size 2048x2048 pixels, pixel size = 7.5x7.5 micron
Sensitive area 15.16x15.16mm

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