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White-Light Telescope

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White-light CCD telescope
Objective Lichtenknecker HA achromatic doublet refractor
F 1600mm
Diameter of solar image 15.165mm
Full aperture filter Neutral density (Inconel) Lichtenknecker : ND3.3 +/- 0.1
Bandpass filter
Schott BG18(blue-green); peak transmission @ 510nm
Bandpass 158nm (BWHM: 415-573nm)
Focal reducer
Plano-convex lens
D 50mm
F 2000mm
Magnification 0.945
Diameter of solar image 14.331
Camera CCD
Type QImaging Retiga 4000R
Detector Kodak KAI-4021, inter-line transfer
Detector size 2048x2048 pixels (pixel size:7.5x7.5 micron)
Sensitive area 15.155x15.155mm
Dynamic range 12 bits (cooling 25°C below ambient)
Readout rate 20MHz, 4 images/s

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