3. Campaign #6776 (July 11th, 2001)

ROB campaign coordinator: Dr. Erwin Verwichte

Campaign definition / Description of field of view / Movies / Events / EIT data files

This campaign has been taken as a SoHO hotshots on July 16th 2001.

Campaign definition
CMP_NAMEEIT Shutterless Mode Observations
OBJECTIVE Monitoring long-term changes in the small-scale dynamics of all kinds of solar structures in TR (304 Angstrom) with EIT running for 2 hours on shutterless, at a cadence and exposure time of 68s, and with a large field of view: quarter disk: one corner is near disk center and the outer edges are just beyond the limb at pole and equator. (http://sol.oma.be/High-cadence/)
COORDINATORKevin Schenk; Erwin Verwichte (EIT), Katherine Reeves (TRACE)
COMMENTSThis will run at 16h UT
TIME16h-18h UT
FOVNE corner, 1 block shift E and S
EIT304 Å, 68s cadence
TRACE171 Å, 60s cadence

Description of field of view


NE corner of disk

  • Near E limb large AR complex AR no.'s 9534 and 9533.
  • Around the N-pole a corner of Polar CH (NW side showed more Polar CH, but much less QS)
  • West of AR no. 9533 possibly a small N-S oriented Equatorial CH
  • Between ARs and CH a zone of QS
  • Large quiescent prominence crossing from NE limb roughly horizontally up to EQ CH, then orientated N-S, running to W of EQ CH. Part of the prominence is visible in emission over NE limb.


    EIT .mpg movie from GSFC
    EIT .mpg movie of subfield from GSFC
    EIT .mpg movie of first batch of images from ROB
    EIT .mpg movie of second batch of images from ROB
    EIT .mpg movie of third batch of images from ROB
    EIT .mpg movie of subfield from ROB
     EIT Javascript sampled cadence (1/3) movie from ROB 
     EIT Javascript full-cadence movie from ROB 

    TRACE .mpg movie of first half hour by Katherine Reeves

    TRACE Quicktime movie
    TRACE .mpg movie


    A C2.4 flare occured in time-span 17h03-17h11 (in FOV on limb in AR no. 9503 ?)

    In first batch of images (16h01m24s -> 16h46m00s)

  • downflows are observed over E-limb, over AR complex.
  • south of downflow region, a cool loop is slowly expanding an brightening
  • prominence over limb is slowly evolving
  • 3 macro-spicules vsisible near N-pole: two simultaneous at start sequence and one in middle of sequence.
  • spicule-brightening near center FOV.

    In second batch of images (16h52m25s -> 17h37m28s)

  • downflows in same region as before
  • off-limb up & downflow observed S of downflow region
  • between the two previous regions, a loop structure on limb brightens and expands, just after a small downflow touched down at one end.
  • up and down flow on disk in AR triggers an up & downflow in another loop near down loop footpoint, close to limb. A material connection between loop and nearby prominence is possible, as it shows slow flow patterns towards that region.
  • several medium spicules near N-pole.

    In third batch of images (17h43m40s -> 18h28m12s)

  • Large downflow surge to region just north of brightening region
  • Brightening region expands and brightens more just after downflow touches down, as if the material fills up a new low-lying bright loop.
  • Downflows in off-limb loops just S of brightening region
  • In all three batches of images, bright little dots feature in the off-limb corona above the AR, maybe shutterless artifacts, but from where some downflows seem to originate.
  • Up & downflows visible on-disk in AR.
  • A new prominence seem to have formed where previously flows in loops with conenction to the quiescent prominence were seen
  • Again several medium spicules near N-pole.

    EIT Data files

    (full fov Cal-lamp)

    (full fov Cal-lamp)
    (partial fov test image)
    (full fov 304)
    shutterless sequence



    (full fov 304)

    (full fov Cal-lamp)
    (full fov Cal-lamp)