GOES8                     GOES10
Cur 1557 B6.7 Ratio 0.016 1557 B6.7 Ratio 0.048
Beg 1449 B4.9 1449 B4.8
Max 1455 C2.3 Int 1.56e-03 J m-2 1455 C2.5 Int 1.54e-03 J m-2
End 1505 C1.3 1504 C1.4

This GOES X-ray flux plot contains 1 minute averages of solar X-ray output in the 1-8 Angstrom (0.1-0.8 nm) and 0.5-4.0 Angstrom (0.05-0.4 nm) passbands. Data from both operational GOES satellites are included. Some data dropouts will occur during satellite eclipses. SEC alerts are issued at the M5 (5x10E-5 Watts/m2) and X1 (1x10E-4 Watts/m2) levels, based upon 1-minute data. Large X-ray bursts cause short wave fades for HF propagation paths through the sunlit hemisphere. Some large flares are accompanied by strong solar radio bursts that may interfere with satellite downlinks.

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