Social Program

We have the honour of inviting all participants to the opening session of the Third European Space Weather Week on Monday November 13 and in particular to the welcome speeches at 14:00 and the keynote lecture by Dr. André Berger from l'Université catholique de Louvain (UCL), Institut d'Astronomie et de Géophysique G. Lemaître. Dr. A. Berger will give a presentation titled The Climate of the Earth during the Third Millenium. A. Berger is the author of the book 'Le Climat de la Terre, un passé pour quel avenir?'. One can have a look at the abstract of his talk.
The keynote lecture will take place in the Lippens Auditorium of the Royal Library and will be followed by a welcome reception in the Palace of Karel van Lotharingen/Charles de Lorraine. The palace itself is an experience since it is beautifully restored. All participants are kindly invited to this particular and interesting event.

The palace of Karel van Lotharingen, governor-general of the Austrian ‘Nederlanden’ from 1744 until 1780, houses the museum of the 18th century. It was build from 1757 onwards. The house front is late-rocaille and early neo-classicistic with decorative elements of Laurent Delvaux. The marmer statue of Hercules in the stairwell is also the work of Delvaux. The museum reflects the interests of the lighted humanist Karel van Lotharingen, an intelligent and inquisitive person in the field of science and occultism. He was an art lover and passionate collector.


We offer also the opportunity to join a free guided tour of the Royal Library of Belgium during lunchtime on November 14 and November 16. You can subscribe through the online registration procedure.

On wednesday November 15, we will visit the Planetarium to see a show which is offered to the general public. We combine this with a visit of Mini-Europe and a conference dinner in which you will make a gastronomic tour of the 10 provincies of Belgium. We have a 'walk' around Namen, Vlaams Brabant, Henegouwen for the cold buffet. The warm buffet leads us to Luxemburg and West Vlaanderen. The view on the recently renovated Atomium is included in the trip! To participate, a contribution of 75 € is asked for, including transportation to and from the event. It's worth trying.

Mini-Europe Planetarium Atomium