Scientific Organising Committee

Local Organising Committee
  • J. Lilensten (Co-Chair)
  • A. Glover (Co-Chair)
  • A Belehaki (NOA, COST 724)
  • A. Hilgers (ESA/D-TEC, D-EUI)
  • M. Hapgood (CCLRC, SWWT Chairman)
  • J.-P. Luntama (FMI)
  • P. Gille (LPCE-CNRS)
  • R. Van der Linden (ROB/SIDC)
  • J.-J. Valette (CLS)
  • C. Briand (Obs. Meudon)
  • A. Thomson (BGS, COST 724)
  • the SIDC-team
The organisers of the meeting gratefully acknowledge the financial and material support of: