Cost-ESSEM for Earth System Science, S. Joffre
EUMETSAT future programs: status and plans, E. Koenemann

Radio Science Issues: the radio spectrum - an explosion of users for a unique limited resource, F. Lefeuvre, head of the International Radio Science Union, URSI.

Press conference
Key issues in Space Weather

Session 1: The Role of Institutions and Industry in European Space Weather Actions
Space Weather Activities at ESA, A. Glover, E. Daly, R. Marsden, H. Opgenoorth, A. Hilgers
NOAA/SWPC Activity Report, R. Zwickl
The Effects of Space Weather and Cosmic Radiation on Flight Crews and Aircraft Systems,Henning Luebbe
COST Action 724 Final Report Summary and Outlook,J. Lilensten, A. Belehaki
Summary of Session 1

Session 2: Scientific challenges and recent advances
STEREO - Answering Space Weather Science Challenges, V. Bothmer, A. Zhukov
Inner Magnetosphere Dynamics: How the Solar Wind and Outer Magnetosphere Drive the Radiation Belt and Ring Current, T. Pulkkinen
Cosmic Rays and Space Weather, E. Flückiger
Observing Coronal Mass Ejections from the Sun to the Earth with STEREO Heliospheric Imagers, C. Davis, J. Davies, R. Harrison, C. Eyles, D. Bewsher, S. Crothers, J.-P. Halain, R. Howard
Solar Magnetic Activity: Driver of Space Weather and Topologically Explored, H. Lundstedt, P. Wintoft, M. Wik
Implementation of Radiation Storm Forecasting with SOHO/COSTEP, B. Heber, A. Posner, O. Rother, R. Mueller-Mellin

Session 3: Space weather modeling
Coupling Between Magnetospheric and Auroral Ionospheric Scales during Space Weather Events, M. Echim, M. Roth, J. De Keyser
Ionospheric Forecast over Europe driven by IMF Conditions, I. Tsagouri, A. Belehaki
Forecasting Total Electron Content During Disturbed Space Weather Conditions: A Possible Alternative to IRI-2001, Y. Tulunay, E. T. Senalp, E. Tulunay
Data Acquisition, Development, and Implementation of Real Time Forecast Models, P. Wintoft, H. Lundstedt, M. Wik
Flexible Tools for Integrating Observations and Models, J. de Keyser, E. Gamby
Towards Reducing the Space Weather Impacts on Vulnerable Infrastructure (ground technology), L. Trichtchenko, D.H. Boteler, presented by R. Pirjola
Data and processing requirements for solar proton events statistical modelling, A. Hilgers, L. Rosenqvist, A. Glover, H. Evans

Session 4: Meteorology and climate
intro, M. Keil
Meteorological Impacts on Space Weather, J. Lastovicka
Can Past Values of the Total Solar Irradiance be Reconstructed from Solar Proxies?, T. Dudok de Wit, M. Kretzschmar
Data Assimilation: From Meteorology to Space Weather and Applications, B. Khattatov
Mesoscale Ionospheric Tomography Over Finland, J.P. Luntama, C. Mitchell, P. Spencer
Space Weather Impact on Middle Atmosphere Composition, Y. Orsolini

Session 5: Planetary space weather
Solar Radiation Storms and their Impact on Space Weather, B. Heber, R. F. Wimmer-Schweingruber
Terrestrial environment, M. Lockwood
The Exposure of the Moon to the Earth's Plasmasheet, M. Hapgood
Lessons from dosimetry in LEO (ISS), G. Reitz
Radiation challenges for human exploration incl. risk assessment, M. Durante

Splinter 1: PICARD and Space Weather, G. Thuillier, J-Y Prado
Splinter 3: Space Weather as part of an Optional Space Situational Awareness Programme, A. Glover, E. Daly, R. Marsden, A. Hilgers
Splinter 4:
SWWT meeting #22, M. Hapgood
A European approach to Space Situational Awareness, L. del Monte
Space Situational Awareness, briefing for SWWT topic groups, M. Hapgood
Splinter 5:
Ground Effects Topical Group, Spokesperson: R. Pirjola (2003-2006), A. Thomson (2006-...)
Recent GETG-related activities at FMI, A. Viljanen, R. Pirjola
Status of GE-relevant activities at DMI, J. Watermann
Comments to the study on the pipe-to-soil voltages induced in the Czech oil pipelines, P. Hejda
Space weather: science to modelling/results of the questionnaire, D. Heynderickx