Social Program

Tuesday, Nov 6: opening, keynote lecture and welcome reception
We invite all participants to the keynote lecture on Tuesday November 6. The keynote lecture: 'Radio Science Issues: the radio spectrum - an explosion of users for a unique limited resource' by François Lefeuvre, head of the International Radio Science Union, URSI, starts at 18:30u and will take place in the Lippens Auditorium of the Royal Library. The lecture will be followed by a welcome reception in the Music instrument museum. All participants are kindly invited to this particular and interesting event. There will be a ceremony in the framework of the International Heliosphysical Year and participants are offered the opportunity to have a musical tour through the museum. More information will follow shortly.
The building which hosts the Music instrument museum, MIM is a pearl of Art nouveau in Brussels. It dates from 1899.

Thursday, Nov 8: social event and conference dinner
On Thursday November 8, we offer the opportunity to see 'Brussels on stage' and discover Brussels through the art of living & nature, history & institutions, arts & architecture and culture & events. This original way of visiting Brussels, will be followed by the conference dinner in a typical Brussels restaurant, Manneken which is a stone throw from the main market: Grote Markt/Grand Place'. We will have dinner in one of the rooms upstairs with its tastefull and typical decorations. We recomment everybody to join!
The iris flower is the symbol of Brussels.