Seventh European Space Weather Week
15-19 November, 2010 - Brugge, Belgium

Splinter sessions - business meetings

A key part of the European Space Weather Weeks are the business meetings. These meetings provide the opportunity for interested participants to meet in smaller groups and address key issues in a style that compliments the open format of the plenary sessions. These meetings take the form of working meetings with reports produced and actions taken by the participants. Time during the ESWW7 schedule will be set aside for all splinter meeting convenors to report the main conclusions of the meetings to the full workshop.

We list the splinters and the practical information like the room and the timing:
title and abstractorganizerroomdate/hour
COST MC (closed meeting)A. BelehakiAmbassadeurTuesday Nov 16
SEPEMN. Crosby
D. Heynderickx
Ground Effects Topical Group, GETGL. TrichtchenkoBeethoven
UlisseH. RothkaelAmbassadeurTuesday Nov 16
Observations and measurements of the first solar and
geomagnetic events of Solar Cycle 24
P. NieminenBach
Spacecraft, Aircraft and Launcher EnvironmentsS. McKenna Lawlor
G. Reitz
F. di Marco
COST MC (closed meeting)A. BelehakiBeethovenWednesd Nov 17
Atmospheric EffectsS. BruinsmaBachWednesd Nov 17
SWWT plenaryN. CrosbyAmbassadeurWednesd Nov 17
COST MC (closed meeting)A. BelehakiBeethovenThursday Nov 18
Direct Effects of Solar Radio WeatherM. MesserottiAmbassadeurThursday Nov 18
Education, Outreach and Emerging MarketsN. CrosbyBach
Validation Procedures for Space Weather ModelsI. Tsagouri
P. Wintoft
J. Watermann
The Physics of CME InitiationG. Lapenta
S. Poedts
AmbassadeurThursday Nov 18
Ionospheric Effects Topical Group J.P. LuntamaBach
SW Tools, Products and Services Work Meeting
towards the next chapter
G. Lawrence
D. Heynderickx