Ninth European Space Weather Week
November 5 - 9, 2012, Brussels, Belgium


All presentations we have received, are accessible on the European Space Weather Portal. The links are provided in list underneath.

The future of Space Weather, J.P. Luntama

Keynote lecture:
Interplanetary scintillation and an encounter with space weather and other musings, Prof. J. Bell Burnell

Session 1: European Space Weather Landscape: Current Perspectives and Requirements for the Future
EU space weather research in FP7 and in the future , Malacarne, Marco
Introduction to WMO space weather activities, Zhang, Wenjian
ESA views on the future SSA-SWE activities in Europe, Bobrinsky, Nicolas
NOAA - EU Space Weather Cooperation, Onsager, Terry
Roadmaps for Future Operational Space Weather Services, Lawrence, Gareth
The Solar Tsunami Warning System, Bothmer, Volker
Helio, a new Tool for space Weather, Aboudarham, Jean
Empirical Approach to predict geomagnetic Disturbances Relevant to GIC, Wintoft, Peter

Session 2: Innovations and Key Challenges in Space Weather Science and Applications
Lessons learnt from the STEREO Heliospheric Imagers: Tracking and modelling CMEs from Sun to Earth, Harrison, Richard
SOHO/UVCS and STEREO comparative Analisys of a Coronal Mass Ejection, Susino, Roberto
Studying CME-Dust particle Interactions and their possible Applications to forecasting the Geo-Effectiveness of ICMEs, Rodmann, Jens
Forecasting the High Energy Electron Radiation Belts within the FP7 SPACECAST Project, Horne, Richard
New tools to relate Imagery with in-situ Data and their Application to space-weather Forecasting, Rouillard, Alexis
NASA GSFC Space Weather Center - Innovative Space Weather Dissemination: web-Interfaces, mobile Applications, and more, Maddox, Marlo
Status of the Kjell Henriksen Observatory (KHO) auroral forecast Service, Sigernes, F
Real-time scintillation Monitoring at high-Latitudes, Schaefer, Sebastian
The Space Weather Hazard to the UK Electricity Transmission System: A 2012 Update, Thomson, Alan W P
Interpolation and Classification of geomagnetic Variations using neural Network Techniques, Wik, Magnus

Session 3A: Solar Variability Effects on Climate
Space weather at Mars: a major Driver for its Climate?, Leblanc, Francois
The Response of the Troposphere and Surface to the 11-yr solar cycle Variability in idealized ensemble Simulations, Misios, Stergios
Cosmic Ray induced aerosol Formation in Earth's Atmosphere, Pedersen, Jens Olaf Pepke
Testing a Link between cosmic Rays and Cloudiness over daily Timescales, Calogovic, Jasa
Response of the fair weather electrical Current to geomagnetic Substorms at a desert Station in southern Israel, Yair, Yoav
Solar variability Effects on Climate, Beer, Juerg
Solar Irradiance in cycle 23: Modelling of TSI and SSI by synoptic intensity Observations, Ermolli, Ilaria
What can we learn about the Sun with PREMOS/PICARD?, Shapiro, Alexander

Session 3B: Coupled Space Weather Modelling
The deep Project, Eicker, Norbert
Increasing the domain Size of kinetic Simulations: a multi level multi domain Method for Plasma Simulations, Innocenti, Maria Elena
A 3D Global Magnetohydrodynamic Simulation of the Solar Wind/Earth's Magnetosphere Interaction, Yalim, Mehmet Sarp
Coupled Magnetosphere - Ionosphere - Thermosphere - Ring Current Modeling with the OpenGGCM, Raeder, Jimmy
Coupling at the Earth in SWIFF: Ionosphere-plasmasphere-polar Wind-Radiation Belts, Pierrard, Viviane
Test particle Simulations of Solar Energetic Particle Propagation for Space Weather, Marsh, Mike
Coupled global Modeling of SEP Acceleration in a coronal CME/Shock and subsequent interplanetary Transport to 1 AU, Kozarev, Kamen
Solar energetic particle Simulations in SEPServer - How to deal with scale Separation of thirteen Orders of Magnitude, Vainio, Rami
Satellite Orbits and ATMOP: improving thermospheric density Modelling through Data Assimilation, Henley, Edmund

Session 4A: Spacecraft Operations and Space Weather
Overview of space weather impacts on satellites, Ryden, Keith A.
The Space Environment - A satellite manufacturer's perspective, Tye, Daniel
Effects of Solar Activity on ESA's Science and Earth Observation Missions, Volpp, Jurgen
Commercial Development of MEO: An Insurance Perspective, Wade, David
Calculation of the Satellite Surface Charging using forecasted low energy Electron Fluxes, Ganushkina, Natalia
NASA GSFC Space Weather Center operational Experiences over the past several major solar Events, Zheng, Yihua
Variability of Trapped and Transient Radiation Environment on Highly Elliptical high inclination (Molniya) Orbit, Trichtchenko, Larisa

Session 4B: Space Weather in the Solar System
Space Weather in the solar System, Coates, Andrew
Plasma Interactions with Ganymede, Europa, Callisto and Jupiter: the Prospects for ESA's JUICE Mission, Coates, Andrew
Physics-based Modeling of the Variations of the solar EUV Spectrum, Haberreiter, Margit
Solar energetic Particles and associated Phenomena in Radio and EUV Wavelengths, Miteva, Rositsa
The Origins and heliospheric Evolution of CMEs on 7 and 14 August 2010 originating from the same solar source Region, Steed, Kimberley
Dications and thermal Ions in planetary atmospheric Escape, Lilensten, Jean
Prediction of ICME Arrival at Mars, Vennerstrom, Susanne
Comparative planetology Study of extreme solar Events: Mars, Venus, Titan, Earth, Gronoff, G.

Session 5: COST ES0803 Final Results
Advanced methods to model and predict space weather effects - Summary of Progress, Watermann, J.
Solar activity and its evolution across the corona, Zuccarello, F.
Solar activity impact on the Earth's upper atmosphere, Kutiev, I.
Space Weather Challenges of the polar cap Ionosphere, Moen, Joran
Verification of space weather models, Wintoft, P.
Progress in space weather modeling in an operational environment, Tsagouri, I.
Recommendations for space weather products and services in Europe, Van der Linden, R.
Where communication and space weather meet, Vanlommel, Petra
Networking for space weather outreach activities: the Planeterrella example, Lilensten, Jean

Forecaster Forum I, L. Trichtchenko
Forecaster Forum II: a case study, L. Trichtchenko, D. Pitchford, H. Evans
Ground Effects topical group, M. Wik
PROBA2 LYRA/SWAP, M. Dominique, D. Berghmans
Education, Outreach and Emerging Markets, N. Crosby
SWWT, S. Poedts
Coupled Space Weather Modelling, G. Lapenta, A. Aylward
Ionospheric Effects Topical Group, M. Angling
Solar Storms: Solar Energetic Particle (SEP) events, O. Malandraki
European Space Weather Business Group, M. Wik, D. Heynderickx
Scientific requirements for Space Environment forecasting Models, R. Horne, I. Daglis
Atmospheric Effects Topical Group, S. Bruinsma
Spacecraft, Aircraft and Launcher Topical Group, S. McKenna