Ninth European Space Weather Week
November 5 - 9, 2012, Brussels, Belgium

Posters Posters dedicated to

Session 1European Space Weather Landscape: Current Perspectives and Requirements for the Future
Details: oral - posters
S. Lechner (JRC)
J-P Luntama (ESA)
Session 2Innovations and Key Challenges in Space Weather Science and Applications
Details: oral - posters
V. Bothmer (Univ. Goettingen)
J. Moen (Univ. Oslo)
Session 3ASolar Variability Effects on Climate
Details: oral - posters
T. Dudok de Wit (Univ. Orléans)
K. Matthes (GEOMAR)
W. Schmutz (PMOD)
Session 3BCoupled Space Weather Modelling
Details: oral - posters
G. Lapenta (KULeuven)
A. Aylward (UCL, UK)
Session 4ASpacecraft Operations and Space Weather
Details: oral - posters
R. Horne (British Antarctic Survey, UK)
D. Pitchford (SES Astra)
Session 4BSpace Weather in the Solar System
Details: oral - posters
A. Coustenis
Veronique Dehant (ROB)
Session 5COST ES0803 Final Results
Details: oral - posters
A. Belehaki (NOA)
M. Messerotti (INAF)

For each plenary/parallel session, there is a dedicated poster viewing during the coffee break. We encourage the authors to man their posters during the coffee break within the session related to their subject.
Posters will be on show all week and the poster sessions will be spread throughout this time.

The dimensions of the poster boards are: 2 m high, 75cm wide. From the practical point of view: velcro will be used to attach the posters, no pins. The velcro will be attached at the poster boards.