Ninth European Space Weather Week
November 5 - 9, 2012, Brussels, Belgium


Safe Space - Is a programme for the removal of space debris necessary?

Space debris has become an environmental issue of concern, but has it yet turned into a sufficient problem that active removal is needed? This debate will cover technical as well as legal topics regarding this issue. In parallel, the influence of space weather on the orbits of space debris will be discussed in this context.

The discussion panel
The members of the discussion panel are all experts in the field. The following panel members will present their view on the topic.
  • Fernand Alby at CNES [expert on orbital debris]
  • Olivier Colaitis at Astrium [expert on orbital debris]
  • Stuart Eves at Surrey Satellites [expert on space traffic control]
  • Emmet Fletcher at ESA [ESA SSA plans]
  • Hugh Lewis at University of Southampton [long-term debris environments and the need for active removal]
  • Jean-Francois Mayence at BELSPO [legal expert on space issues]

The moderator
The moderator is Frank Burnet: writer, presenter, creativity consultant, festival director, science communication guru and shrinking violet.
More about Frank Burnet
Looking at the debate moderator and the invited experts, it promises to be very dynamic. We are confident that the public will enjoy.
Science as you never have seen it before.

Tuesday Nov 06, 2012 from 18:30-19:30, Trone Room@conference site.

In collaboration with the European Commission's Seventh Framework Programme eHEROES