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Area = area in tens of millionths of the solar hemisphere

Z = sunspot group classification

Catania sunspot group
Zurich sunspot class penumbrae of largest spot relative importance of the leading spot and density of the sunspot population
NOAA region
modified Zurich class penumbrae of largest spot sunspot distribution (compactness of central spot)

N = number of spots

L = longitudinal extent in degrees

Catania sunspot group     history plot:
-Probabilities (in %) for the occurence of C-, M- and X-flares, based on statistics of McIntosh classification (reported in the plot for X-flares)
-Schematic of time history of flaring, represented by blue pikes of magnitude scaled in the respective C-, M- and X-flare class (e.g. a C9.5 flare is represented as a blue pike of ordinate 95 in the diagram for C-flares).
-Area and number of spots in the group. 
NOAA region   images of the region from BBSO website

NOAA plage    BBSO activity report

expected returning NOAA region IPS summary

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