The Lyman Alpha Radiometer (LYRA) is a solar UV radiometer that will embark in 2008 on-board the ESA PROBA-2, sampling the solar irradiance in 4 passbands relevant to Solar Physics, Space Weather and Aeronomy with a cadence of up to 100 Hz, and demonstrating solar-blind filters and novel diamond detectors.

This webpage collects all currently relevant information on LYRA, such as instrument specifications, status on filters and detectors, software (instrument simulation, data analysis, etc.), timetables, publications, and involved people, institutes and companies. To browse through the LYRA web site, use the navigation bar to the left.

Latest News:

May 25 2005 - new measurements for Acton Lyα filters in Radiometric Model

April 05 2005 - Instrument and Data Manager Meeting in Liege. Minutes: PROBA2-MOM-05042005.pdf. read more

picture sequence: LYRA on board PROBA-2, sucessively disassembled