Solar Demon Flare Detection (sc)

Science! running on SDO/AIA 94 Synoptic data
2 minute cadence, typical delay 7 days
(detection version 1.00)
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Detector 14 day operating status:

Last detected flare:
   216 hours and 44 minutes ago (2023-05-25 23:28 UTC)

Animations and brightness graph
   fixed brightness
   adaptive brightness
location of flare 23915
Flare 23915

Details for flare #: 23915          
timeseq #brightnesssizelatlonX,Y in R☉dist.
BloomingImg ID
2023-05-02 16:20:0013.716-24.860.00.79, -0.390.8807506902
2023-05-02 16:22:0022.713-24.960.20.79, -0.390.8807506903

Solar Demon estimated flare class:

Goes X-RAY flux timeline:

The research leading to these results has received funding from the European Commission's Seventh Framework Programme (FP7/2007-2013) under the grant agreement nr. 263506 [AFFECTS], and grant agreement nr. 263252 [COMESEP]
Solar Demon is still under construction.
( Legal notices - SWSC (Volume 5, A18, 2015) research article:Solar Demon - an approach to detecting flares, dimmings, and EUV waves on SDO/AIA images )