Welcome to the Solar Influences Data Analysis Center (SIDC), which is the solar physics research department of the Royal Observatory of Belgium. The SIDC includes the World Data Center for the sunspot index and the ISES Regional Warning Center Brussels for space weather forecasting.


Over the past 24 hours solar activity has been low. No significant flares
have been recorded. AR 2664 (Mcintosh class:Cso; Mag. type:Beta) has shown
some evidence of flux emergence and cancellation in HMI magnetogram
observations, and produced a couple of small eruptions, this region may
increase flaring activity over the coming days. No Earth directed Coronal
Mass Ejections (CMEs) have been detected. There's  a small northern coronal
hole extending to lower latitudes that in the western hemisphere that may
increase solar wind speeds over the next couple of days. Solar activity is
expected to remain low over the next 24 hours with a low probability of
C-class flares and a very low probability of M-class flares.
The solar wind speed has slowly increased from around 390 km/s to 430 km/s
over the past 24 hours. The total magnetic field strength has fluctuated
between 6 and 9 nT. The Bz component fluctuated between -6 nT and +8 nT.
Geomagnetic conditions ranged between Kp index 2-4 (NOAA) and local K index
0-3 (Dourbes) over the past 24 hours. Geomagnetic conditions are expected
to be quiet to active, with the increasing solar wind speeds combined with
a negative Bz may enhancing geomagnetic conditions.

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2017 Jun 19 1130 UTC
In response to the recently issued PRESTO (issued on 2017-Jun-19 at 10:50 [more]

2017 Jun 17 1201 UTC
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2017 Apr 03 1504 UTC
A class M5.8 solar X-ray flare occurred on 2017/04/03 with peak time 14:29UT [more]

2016 Nov 05 1349 UTC
A halo or partial-halo CME was detected with the following characteristics: [more]

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