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Solar activity was low with the largest flare of the period a C1.7 flare
peaking at 1:56UT from NOAA AR 2786.
There are 3 regions on disk. The largest is NOAA AR 2786, which although
large now has a simple alpha configuration.
Region NOAA AR 2790 is of beta configuration but was inactive.
Further C flares are probable with only a small chance of an isolated M

There were no new observations of Earth-directed Coronal Mass Ejections.

The greater than 10MeV proton flux remained enhanced (max 5 pfu), with a
general decaying trend.
The greater than 2MeV electron flux did briefly exceed the 1000 pfu alert
threshold during the diurnal maximum. The 24h electron fluence was at
moderate levels and is expected to be at normal to moderate levels over the
next 24 hours. An increase in levels is still possible over the next days
following the recent Solar wind enhancements, and with the possible CME
glancing blow.

Solar wind conditions became nominal with Solar wind speed further
decreasing to 360 km/s. The interplanetary magnetic field magnitude was
around a nominal 5nT with a variable and unremarkable North-South
orientation. The phi angle was mostly in the negative sector (towards
the Sun).
There were no signs of possible perturbations associated to the November 29
CME and this is now not expected anymore.
Essentially nominal Solar wind conditions are expected with a slight chance
for perturbations from the morning of December 4 onwards associated to the
December 1 CME.

Geomagnetic conditions were quiet (local K Dourbes 0-2 and NOAA Kp 0-1).
Geomagnetic conditions could possibly become active or show minor
geomagnetic storm conditions should a glancing blow from the December 1 CME

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