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CALLISTO is an analog spectrometer developed by Christian Monstein from ETH Zürich. It can natively cover the band 45 - 870 MHz, and is a programmable device: the CALLISTO receiver set up in Humain is configured to monitor the band 45-450 MHz, in 200 frequencies, 4 times per second. It has been observing since 2008.

Different CALLISTO receivers are installed around the world and are part of the e-CALLISTO network. Data from the whole network can be accessed here.

Use of Humain CALLISTO data

The Humain CALLISTO data have a DOI:

If you use this data set in a publication please cite as:

Marqué, C.; Martinez Picar, A.; Gunessee, A.; Magdalenić, J. (2008): e-CALLISTO (HUMAIN). Royal Observatory of Belgium. doi: 10.24414/nrdh-c565